About Us

Babies wearing onesie extenders

While it’s not the first onesie extender in the world, it is the first NZ designed and made onesie extender. The onesie bummsie extenders are made especially to fit the bodysuit brands available here in New Zealand.

The Onesie Bummsie Designer, Jess, first made them for her own children. She found they would fit in the upper body fine but the length was too short. So she got out her sewing machine and made her very first onesie bummsie extender! After getting so many positive comments from friends and families, the requests for onesie extenders came flooding in, promoting her to start Onesie Bummsie!

Jess worked long and hard to bring a truly affordable and unique product for parents and now Kim wants to ensure they are readily available to all.

Onesie Bummsie Onesie Extenders


We are currently looking for more retailers within New Zealand and Australia. If you would like to sell our onesie extenders in your store, please get in touch to request our wholesale information.