Welcome to Onesie Bummsie online store! We make and sell the handiest product you will use as a parent…the Onesie Bummsie onesie extenders!

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Follow our three steps on how to use Onesie Bummsie onesie extenders:

  1. Select a Onesie that is too short.
  2. Take a Onesie Bummsie onesie extender in short or medium.
  3. Snap in the onesie extender to increase the length!

Your baby’s onesies and bodysuits, will fit better and last longer when you use a Onesie Bummsie. Now you can keep your baby in your favourite one for longer!

The Onesie Bummsie onesie extenders are designed to make your baby’s clothes fit longer when they get too short to do up. They are ideal for making baby onesies fit over cloth nappies.

We offer two different length sizes, short or medium, to ensure you get the best fit possible.

Onesie Bummsie Hot Tip: To ensure our extenders will fit the onesie brands you have, we recommend purchasing a short extender first. 

Using a Onesie Bummsie means there is no need to spend money on baby clothes that are too big, when you can easily snap in a onesie extender getting the perfect fit, every time!

They also make a great baby shower or newborn gift.

New Zealand designed and made.